Astrotactin-2: Docking with Flavoinoids, Functional, Pathway and Disease Associations


  • Ruchi Yadav Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow 226028, UP, INDIA



ASTN1, ASTN2, Neurodevelopment, Neuronal Disorder, Docking, Schrodinger


Astrotactin protein that is ASTN-1 and ASTN- 2 are important perforin proteins that are involved in neurodevelopment. Mutations in this protein is associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and has been found functional in Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s diseases, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cancer etc. Genes for ASTN protein expressed in brain and functional in brain development any mutation in this gene leads to abnormal growth and functioning of brain. ASTN- 2 protein id functional in protein trafficking and regulation of neuronal growth and development increased expression of this protein can also result in neurodevelopmental disorders. In this study detailed analysis has been done on ASTROTACTIN-2 protein to identify potential ligands that show strong interaction with ASTN-2 protein. 7 ligands were selected from PubChem database and Docking was performed to analyze the protein-Ligand interaction map. Result shows that Morin and Quercetin shows the best interaction with the Glide Score of -8.26 and - 8.15 and at positions GLN790, LEU833, THR878 and EU833, GLN962 respectively. Protein -Protein interaction study was also done to identify interacting proteins that are functional in neurodevelopment and can be associated with neuronal disorders. This study detailed about the ligand interaction, protein function and protein interaction Astrotactin-2 protein.

Homology modeled structure of Astrotactin-2




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Yadav, R. (2021). Astrotactin-2: Docking with Flavoinoids, Functional, Pathway and Disease Associations. Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy, 15(2), 189–197.