The Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) will be useful to form a forum for scientists so that they can bring together to discuss and find scientific solutions to the problems of society. The annual meetings will help the members to share their knowledge and publish their research knowledge particularly by members and fellows of the Association and special care will be taken to provide an opportunity for young scientists. Besides this the association is planned to organize symposia, seminars and workshops on current developments of Biotechnology and Pharmacy particularly on the subject of current scientific interest, and the proceedings of which will be published regularly. And in view of the vast development of science and to disseminate the problems in publication of research work, an international journal of Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy has been started by ABAP.

Current trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy
Vol 10, Issue 2, Apr, 2016 :: Current Issue

Research Papers
Effect of Excipients on Disintegration, Viability and Activity of Fast Disintegrating Tablets Containing Probiotic and Starter Cultures
V. Sreeja , Jashbhai Prajapati, Vaishali Thakkar, Tejal Gandhi and Vijaykumar Darji
Anti-oxidative System as Influenced by High Temperature stress in Brassica juncea (L) Czern & Coss
Babita Rani, Nisha Kumari, Pooja, Veena Jain, Kamal Dhawan, Monika, Ram Avtar, Ashwani Kumar
and Parvender Sheoran

Evaluation of in vitro Release Pattern of Curcumin Loaded Egg Albumin Nanoparticles Prepared Using Acetone as Desolvation agent
D.S. Aniesrani Delfiya and K. Thangavel
Biosynthesis of Partial Glycerides via Enzymatic Esterification of Mucor racimosus Lipase for Edible and Industrial Purposes
EL-Mallah Mohammed Hassan, Nadia Naim, Nehad Zaki Adham and Hanan Mostafa Ahmed
Selection of Micronutrients for Vancomycin Production by Amycolatopsis orientalis using Plackett-Burman Design
P.Naga Padma, A. Bhaskar Rao and Gopal Reddy
Production of Pullulan using Jaggery as substrate by Aureobasidium pullulans MTCC 2195
V S Rama Krishna Ganduri KRS Sambasiva Rao, Usha Kiranmayi Mangamuri, Vijaya Lakahmi M and Sudhakar Poda
Study of Potential Plant Growth-Promoting Activities and Heavy Metal Tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa HMR16 Isolated from Zawar, Udaipur, India
Ali Asger Bhojiya and Harshada Joshi
Evaluating the Antiviral Activities of Some Bacteria Against Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV)
Abeer A. El-Hadi, KhaledZakaria Elbghdady, Eman A. Ghazy, Naiera M. H. Mohamed, Tawfeek H. Abdelhafez, Fawkia M. El-Beeh and Ashraf A. Tabll
Genetic Architecture of Metric Traits in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L. EM. THELL)
Pawar G. N., Aglodiya A. V., Dapke J. S., Patil V.S. and Kalaskar S.
Review Paper
Phytochemistry and pharmacology of traditionally used medicinal plant Cordia dichotoma Linn (Boraginaceae)
Md. Azizur Rahman and Juber Akhtar
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NAAS Rating (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi) - 4.42

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H Index - 7

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